About ITC

ITC Traffic is a supplier integrator and manufacturer of traffic violation photo and video fixation systems. Company’s specialty are complex solutions that use modern, high-tech equipment and latest software developments. Solutions, offered by the company are based on ITC-EYE™ software and hardware complex and unique licence plate recognition algorithm that is at the core of the complex.

ITC-EYE™ software and hardware complex has the following unique characteristics:

  • recognition of 97% of licence plates;
  • high level of dirty or damaged licence plate recognition;
  • continuous traffic control at any time of the day and under any climate conditions;
  • Identification of vehicle’s nationality by licence plate;
  • possibility to register not only exceeded speed limit but a whole range of other traffic violations;
  • working complex is not detectable by traffic radar detectors;
  • Measurment of speed up to 300 km/h (inacuracy of measurment ±2 km/h).
  • exclusion of error of assigning measured speed to another vehicle.

Features of ITCEYE

ITC-EYE is intended to automatically record and identify license plate numbers of vehicles, to store this information in archived form, to check identified license plate numbers against attached databases and to transmit this information to an operator as well as to automatically register the following traffic offences:

  • breach of a speed limit by a vehicle;
  • passage of an intersection by an interdictory signal of a traffic light;
  • crossing a stop-line by an interdictory signal of a traffic light;
  • passage of a railroad crossing an interdictory signal of a traffic light;
  • passage of a vehicle under an interdictory traffic sign;
  • driving on a tramway tracks;
  • driving on bycicle tracks, pedestrian teacks and pavements;
  • driving on a road shoulder;
  • driving in an oncoming traffic lane;
  • failure to yield to pedestrians on a pedestrian crossing;
  • driving in a publicē transport lane;
  • driving with front passanger’s or driver’s seat belt unfastened;
  • driving without running lights or downward beams;
  • passage of freight vehicles, where it is not permitted;
  • driving with illegal cab lights;
  • driving with illegal emergency services’ markings;
  • crossing the solid (unbroken) road marking line.

ITC-EYE™ in detail