Jurmala City Council pilot project

Between August 2015 and February 2016, ITC Traffic took part in a pilot project, organized by Jurmala City Council – “Video observation in Jurmala, at Priedaine checkpoint”. ITC Traffic has installed its own ANPR systems ITC-EYE and ITC-EYE COMPACT. Equipment and software, installed by ITC TRAFFIC operated reliably and without failures or malfunctions for the entire duration of the project (7 months).

Debut at InterTraffic 2016

In April 2016, the largest exhibition of traffic safety and control equipment took place in Amsterdam ( Exhibition demonstrated the most advanced technology and equipment from all over the world, developed during last two years. Our company took part in such a large, industry – specific event as InterTraffic for the first time and demonstrated its own newest products.

As of the beginning of 2016, ITC Traffic has developed a whole range of systems for photo and video control of the traffic flow. Our systems are not only capable of ensuring control of speed limits and other traffic rules on city streets and highways, but are equally able to ensure control of such vital areas of the modern city as parking lots and no parking zones.

Stationary ITC-EYE systems record all principle traffic violations – speed limit violations, ignoring the red traffic light and much more. Moreover, ITC-EYE video analysis software may automatically control observance of road markings and detect pedestrians at the crossings.

Model of the system was assembled and displayed at company’s stand for exhibition visitors to see. ITC-EYE can control up to 4 traffic lanes, even if the camera is mounted at an angle towards the traffic flow. ITC-EYE systems recognize 385 license plate types from 60 countries.

ITC-EYE montāža
ITC-EYE system being installed
Particular attention of the industry experts was drawn to ITC Traffic’s mobile solutions for control of stationary traffic. Organizing and efficiently controlling parking spaces is a serious concern to most city councils, whose representatives visited the exhibition, looking for most efficient solutions in this area. Devices, like ITC-EYE Mobile not only record the vehicles, but also transmit data in real time during the patrol. ITC-EYE Mobile is simple to use and has several possible body designs.
ITC-EYE Mobile
ITC-EYE Mobile in operation – patrolling parking spaces
Another system, the company has demonstrated, is developed specifically to account for the number and use of parking spaces. ITC-EYE Pocket is a hand portable system; it consists of a tablet computer and a remote server for data processing.
ITC-EYE Pocket darbībā
A patrolman, equipped with ITC-EYE Pocket inspects city streets