ITC – EYE Compact

ITC-EYE COMPACT Stationary single bloc camera with an integrated computer for photo- and video recording of traffic violations, measuring speed and vehicle search

Technical Data SheetTechnical Data Sheet

ITC-EYE COMPACT single bloc camera unites video sensor and an industrial-grade protected computer in a single body, i.e. a computing unit is integrated into video unit and is protected by the same hood, hence single bloc.

Such construction allows to free the system from long cables and separately mounted computer, which decreases adverse environmental influence, making the system more reliable.

Also, this way environmental factors have much less impact on precision of measurements and longevity of the system.  Design of ITC-EYE COMPACT incorporates innovative solutions, which improve operating efficiency and provide advantages, absent from regular video and photo recording systems.

ITC-EYE COMPACT camera measures speed without the radar (using video footage), records traffic violations, and performs vehicle search. A single ITC-EYE COMPACT camera can control up to 6 traffic lanes, furthermore, ITC-EYE COMPACT can support 2 additional observation cameras, replacing a more traditional system with 4 cameras and an outdoors computer. ITC-EYE COMPACT performs license plate recognition using a proprietary algorithm. Flexible ITC-EYE software core allows mounting ITC-EYE COMPACT camera at an acute angle relative to the traffic flow.


Principal advantages of ITC-EYE COMPACT compared to traditional video and photo recording systems

  • possibility to include additional video units (up to 2 cameras);
  • easy deployment;
  • less expensive installation;
  • less expensive maintenance;
  • less external influence (incl. Electromagnetic interference);
  • system is less conspicuous (allowing for more efficient control);
compact3 ITC-EYE COMPACT Camera may be used at the following points:
  • motorways;
  • crossroads;
  • railroad crossings;
  • junctions;
  • city entrances and exits;
  • bridges;
  • tunnels.