ITC – EYE Mobile


The mobile complex for traffic violations monitoring

ITC EYE Mobile summary

parkrightThe mobile hardware-software complex ITC EYE Mobile is designed to detect traffic violations. The complex is intended to be installed inside the car. ITC EYE Mobile can be installed on any vehicle at short notice. The IR projector is included for night-time operation. The complex is used to detect the traffic violations that deal with parking and stopping, pedestrian crossings, public transport lanes, wrong lanes and other violations which require only a picture of the vehicle with recognized number plate, a photo and video record from surveillance camera as evidence. This video record can be split into frames and printed on request. The complex operates in automatic mode, but the operator can switch to manual mode for certain violations. Regardless of selected operating mode the complex automatically checks for all vehicles within the camera field of view in connected search databases. If the vehicle is found in database there is a visual and sound alarm. The data collected during patrolling are automatically sent via wireless communications to the data processing center. ITC EYE Mobile is certified.

General appearance and accommodation option «ITC EYE Mobile»

Cameras with IR projector are located in a separate video unit. Computer with display and GPS navigation module is located in another unit. Both units are placed on the windscreen (or the side window) of the patrol vehicle separately. 1

Using ITC EYE Mobile

ITC EYE Mobile complex is used in road police patrol vehicles for traffic violations control. ITC EYE Mobile allows to manage available parking space and to control the paid time in paid parking zones. Another ITC EYE Mobile application is detecting drivers who neglect to give way to emergency vehicles with switched on alarms: ambulances, fire and rescue services. The complex is also installed in public vehicles: buses, trolleybuses, trams. For automatic detection of private vehicles moving in the public transport lane and unauthorized parking at bus stops. 2

ITC EYE Mobile is able to detect the following violations:

  • parking and stopping violations;
  • parking at public transport stops;
  • moving and parking in public transport lanes;
  • moving in the wrong lane;
  • parking at pedestrian crossing and improper passing of pedestrian crossing;
  • passing red lights;
  • stopping at tram track, railroad crossings, in tunnels, on bridges,etc.
ITC EYE Mobile also checks for vehicles in databases. 3