ITC – EYE Pocket


A smart system for detecting parking violations

Nowadays, transport networks of towns and cities are under great strain. Large number of cars in a limited space, uncontrolled parking – this problems have reached crisis levels in many large European cities. Not solving these problems, results in traffic jams, deterioration of urban environment, worse social and cultural climate. This forces municipal authorities to search innovative and creative solutions in order to improve traffic logistics and make sure that urban space is used rationally. Control and enforcement of parking rules are one of top priorities in this line of work. In this respect, ITC-EYE POCKET is a unique technical solution that allows, in a short time span, not only to detect a parking violation, but also to gather comprehensive evidence thereof. This complex, which uses latest recognition, navigation and communication technologies, can be broken into two closely cooperating blocks – inspector’s equipment that is used on the violation site and server equipment that is located on the premises of a relevant municipal authority. Inspector is equipped with a heavy-duty mobile device: a smart phone or a tablet. Its software enables the inspector to record a licence plate number, establish coordinates via GPS and gather photographic evidence, all the while remaining in contact with the server. Server equipment, meanwhile, includes license plate recognition software, cartographic services, which immediately determine address of a violation site and a database for storing the information. Inspector records a violation as follows: 1. Inspector registers his or her mobile device on the server. Then, in the course of patrol, he or she notices a vehicle, which violates parking rules, and takes a picture of its license plate. 2. Image of a licence plate is automatically transmitted to the server together with a timestamp and coordinates. Server performs number plate recognition, determines the address and transmits this data back to mobile device as plain text. 3. Inspector makes quick corrections, if needed, adds overview images and, if necessary, requests removal of the offending vehicle. 4. Complete set of data is relayed back to the server for storage and decision-making by the relevant authority. Hence, server stores the following data for each instance of parking violation: License plate number, image of the license plate, overview image, coordinates and time of a violation. Inspector can control paid parking lots in the similar way. To do so, at least two records are required. If time between the first and the last record shall exceed permitted maximum, server shall generate a paid parking violation record. Advantages of ITC-EYE POCKET:
  1. Simple and convenient interface.
  2. Quick launch and server registration by means of NFC tag and NFC map.
  3. High recognition quality.
  4. High positioning precision.
  5. Mobile device is well protected from dust, moisture and mechanical damage.
  6. Ability to work in poorly lit areas of the city.
  7. Ability to record violation in the absence of communication with the server.
  8. Possibility to deploy multiple mobile devices simultaneously.
ITC-EYE POCKET system was developed to serve the needs of municipal authorities, involved in organising and controlling traffic flow and maintaining paid parking lots. This equipment can also be used by police force for maintaining order in parks and residential areas.